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Our People


Business value is created by attracting and motivating top talent. It is clear that our commitment to sustainable development is an important factor in people's decision to join and stay. Over the past couple of years TAKREER has grown and is now one of the largest companies in the oil refining industry in the Gulf region. The potential value of the company's size, however, is the knowledge held by more than 1,800 of the region's brightest people.

So, in TAKREER we view effective knowledge management as central to both the delivery of today's performance and to the future success of the company. Transforming individual know-how into organizational success is a challenge which we face every day. Whilst we make widespread use of Information Technology (IT) solutions as important mechanisms for knowledge transfer, the real key to our success is in the way our people organize themselves.

We believe that outstanding business performance comes from liberating our people, creating a culture where they feel comfortable asking for and offering help. Ultimately, it is the energy and effort of these people that delivers effective collaboration and creates success for TAKREER.

The company invests heavily in personnel training and devotes considerable resources to the development of its employees, especially national cadres. Nearly 400 UAE Nationals are trained every year, which represents almost 70 per cent of the total number of trainees.

At TAKREER, we put our employees foremost in our strategic development, and create optimal conditions for the full development of their potential. TAKREER brings together the skills of more than 1,800 employees from over 40 nationalities. Human resources are the heart of the company's development strategy.

Through our recruitment strategies, we aim to be a magnet for highly talented people, especially young UAE nationals. They will help us deliver an outstanding performance. We also have strategies in place to develop and retain our staff, offering wide-ranging career opportunities and competitive pay and benefits.

TAKREER employees share the same core principles. These include setting priorities in every project on quality, health, safety and protection of the environment. They also include taking maximum advantage of the range of skills and experience to improve our competitiveness and quality of products.