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SUPPLIERS & VENDORS ยป Security Pass

Security Pass Requirements

Documents required to issue security pass for visiting and training purposes for non-Takreer staff.


Documents Required by Takreer Company.


1-An official letter from the visiting company that includes the number of the contract and the numbers and names of the visitors.

2- A copy of the Abu Dhabi Municipality License.

3-A copy of Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce membership.


The above mentioned documents should be submitted by hand to the following address:
Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer)
Takreer Tower, Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex

Public Relations Department

17th Floor/ Office No. 1713

Telephone: +971-2-6027160

Fax: +971-2-6027032


Documents Required by Critical National Infrastructure Authority:


1-A No-Objection letter from Takreer

2-A copy of the passport and the residence visa (copy of the visiting visa if the person is on visit visa).

3-Five photos with Red background.

4-Identification form filled and signed by the person seeking a security pass.