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Health, Safety & Environment


Health, Safety & Environment

At TAKREER, everything we do is guided by our core values of safety, environmental stewardship, valuing all people and business ethics. These core values are woven into our culture as they are fundamental to sustainability and to our vision of being recognized in the Gulf region as one of the leading companies in our field.

TAKREER's goal is "to do no damage to the environment". This challenge stimulates us to adopt innovative ways to manage our environmental impact at local and regional levels. We believe we have made considerable progress towards this goal.
In many areas we are already seeking ways to go beyond our goal of no damage and positively benefit the environment.


TAKREER maintains HSE as a top priority and provides support on HSE matters as they relate to our business activities. Helping to define, establish and incorporate HSE responsibility and accountability through every level creates value for our communities and employees alike.

Our vision is to create an incident-free environment and to conduct business with no adverse environmental impact. This can only be achieved by integrating HSE into all of our business activities.


HSE at Abu Dhabi Refinery
The well-being of workers is a prime concern at Abu Dhabi Refinery, which operates in accordance with ADNOC’s Health, Safety and Environment Policy, covering health and physical checks, training and safety awareness, reporting of accidents, incidents and near-miss reporting, and other elements.

Guidelines laid down by TAKREER on air, effluent quality and non-municipal waste handling are strictly adhered to as part of the refinery’s commitment to preserve the environment. Frequent air and effluent sampling ensures all pollutant levels are within the standards.


Additional environmental control measures have been adopted as part of TAKREER’s long-term objective of addressing environmental concerns before they become serious problems.

In line with this policy, gas oil desulphurization, gas sweetening and sulphur recovery units were installed and commissioned in February 1993 as part of Refinery Expansion Project II. As a result, considerable reductions were achieved in sulphur oxide emissions from furnace and flare stacks at site and mobile sources using desulphurised gas oil as fuel.


HSE at Ruwais
The well being of employees is of prime concern at Ruwais Refinery, and all operations are carried out in accordance with the ADNOC Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and safety policy.


A variety of training programs and different courses are conducted on various safety, health and environment issues regularly. The emphasis of management in the area has helped Ruwais Refinery Division in achieving 6.72 million man-hours without Lost Time Accident and securing 4th place amongst 63 participants in the ADNOC HSE Awards in the recent past.

In addition to its concern for employee safety, TAKREER has a long-standing commitment to environmental protection. The centralization of Sulphur handling operations at Ruwais is a major development in this respect. In addition, Ruwais follows ADNOC guidelines in waste handling and monitoring of air and effluent quality to ensure that any pollution threat is eliminated.