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Into the Future


TAKREER maintains high standards and efficient refining operations consistent with sound, health, safety and environmental practices. Its activities are based on total quality management principles, in a customer and employee oriented environment.

The company bases its performance on the knowledge, skills and expertise of its employees. It invests heavily in personnel training and devotes considerable resources to the development of its national cadres. Its aim is to provide reliable, quality products that satisfy the requirements and needs of its customers and partners.

In the future, TAKREER will work on enhancing its performance to meet its overall objectives. It will also improve its cost control and adopt state-of-the-art equipment and technology to optimize its operations.

In addition, the company will continue to activiely pursue its role towards greater achievements for the benefit of the country and its people. It will exert all possible efforts to seize today's opportunities and meet tomorrow's challenges. These efforts will result in adding substantial increases to Abu Dhabi's refining business.


Ensuring safety and protection of environment in all its operations are TAKREER's guiding principles. Such principles reflect the company's dedication towards the community and the society in general. Thus, the company is committed to achieve and maintain the highest standards in Health, Safety and Environment. Adopting and implementing "Best Practices " in HSE will, therefore, become an integral part of the company operations and enhance the company culture. TAKREER's success in the energy and chemical industry makes it possible for it to contribute to the nation's wellbeing by enhancing government revenue, creating more jobs for the country's workforce, and supporting development programmes for UAE nationals.


TAKREER takes pride not only in its products and services, but also in the way it conducts its
operations. The company's principles and values are embodied in the "TAKREER way", which provides an integrated framework for its strategies and goals.